Puppy Kindergarten


This unique board and train experience is for puppies between 4-8 months.  Your puppy will live 24/7 in our training program, which includes a lifestyle of structure, routine, socialization, and supervised play.  By living at my home for 2 weeks, your puppy will develop a new foundation and state-of-mind that will make it easy for you to continue training at your home.

Your pup will learn the following:

  1. Walk politely with you on leash
  2. Sit/Stay
  3. Down/Stay
  4. Place command
  5. Crate Training
  6. Potty Training
  7. Waiting for food
  8. Waiting at thresholds
  9. Appropriate and polite play with other dogs
  10. Impulse Control

I will also focus on any minor behavior issues, such as:

  • Jumping, nipping, mouthing
  • Excessive barking
  • Counter-Surfing
  • Leash Biting/Chewing

This program includes a 1-hr consultation on our starting day, and a 2-hr follow-up at the end of the program when I will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success.  Program also includes four 1 hr follow-up sessions to be honored within first 3 months post-training.


TWO Week Program:  $2,400

*This program is an extension of Puppy Package.

Please call me at 985-791-3178 to set-up your private consultation or fill out the form here to contact me.

Owner must provide current vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian prior to being evaluated.