Ziggy was 2 1/2 years of trouble when we found Cindy.  He’s a Moyen poodle which is a small standard.   He’s so cute that people were always charging up to pet him with loud and excited voices and hands out and his response was to bite them.   He pulled on his lead, barked,  cried and lunged when out walking if another dog is anywhere in sight. It was misery for my husband and me.  

We’ve owned a lot of dogs in our lives as a couple and never had behavioral problems like this.   I think it’s because we always had two at a time,  and the socialization as young Dogs was far better than we did with this one.

Cindy took Ziggy for two weeks and through training, boundaries and consistency calmed him down immensely without breaking his spirit with loud reprimands and punishing discipline.   She has extensive training and works much like Cesar Milan with whom she has trained.  The dog was easy compared to getting compliance from his owners which I’m sure is the biggest hurdle for most trainers.   

We set up a day a week of doggie daycare with Cindy so Ziggy could continue to have other dog socialization and reinforcement from Cindy.   He stays with her when we are away which we are so grateful for as we know he is safe and playing.

It’s almost a year since we met Cindy and we are enjoying this cute little dog so much these days.  He’s not aggressive on lead and barely makes a peep when people or another dog walks by.   He walks on lead without pulling,  goes to his place and is just a fun companion.   We still don’t advise people to stick their hand in his face and not reach into our yard and if they listen to what we tell them it’s all good.

We’re so grateful to Cindy that I want to get another pup because I finally have a trainer who actually trains.   My husband likes having one dog so we will just have to see how it goes.

Don’t hesitate to hire Cindy.  You will be so glad you did.

Laurie and Ray Scott


I give the highest recommendation for Cindy Bergeron who has professionally trained my Scottish Collie from puppyhood to now, almost a year old. I was beyond fortunate to find Cindy who should be commended both for the quality of training she provides, and for always being so accountable, diligent and alert to every detail. I have found Cindy to be uniquely adaptive and resourceful in her training methods.  She deeply cares about the animals she trains and they look to her for approval and guidance. Her approach to training has generated a warm and close rapport that my family has enjoyed. 

I strongly endorse Cindy. She has the intellect and passion, and communicative skills necessary to be a world class trainer, and I recommend her without reservation, knowing she is eminently worthy of being entrusted with one’s invaluable “fur” child. 

– Betty Phillips, CEO, Brava Medical Group


Cindy has been training, working with and loving our precious pups since they were only 3 or 4 months old. She comes three times a week for training sessions. These sessions are highlights of the week for our puppies.  They love it when Cindy comes.

Five puppies is a lot to take on.  With Cindy’s help, having them has become a great gift.  They love their sessions with her.  They have gone through so many important growth stages with her guidance.  Each of them is unique and she has developed a fabulous rapport with them all.

They are now 15 months old.  They all are well trained on leash and are a wonderful testament to her abilities as a trainer. She continuously ups her game, takes new courses and always has something new to teach them. She always strong, confident and loving with the pups.

As far as we are concerned, Cindy is part of the family. And as far as the pups are concerned – she is an important member of the pack. We really couldn’t do this without her!!

– Iala Jaggs

We Could Tell Right Away

We took our two dogs, Shayna and Odie, to Cindy because they were aggressive towards other dogs when we walked them or when dogs walked by the house. We wanted to be able to walk them without having to struggle restraining them. Shayna was very afraid of other dogs so she went first. After 3 weeks, we got her back and you could tell right away that her confidence was much better. Cindy walked with us and showed us how to get her to focus her attention on us instead of the dogs we encountered, it was amazing. Odie was only there 10 days but really improved to the point that we enjoy walking with them. We take the dogs twice a week for daycare to keep them socialized and they enjoy it.
Thanks Cindy, wasn’t sure what you did was possible.

Jeff & Marian